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COVID-19  (25-03-2020)

due to various news items on the use of ArcticStores during the COVID-19 pandemic 

A message from our CEO


TITAN delivers ArcticStore™ for meat producers in Slovakia.

We just got some degrees hotter (11-03-2020)

After software enhancement we can now offer a maximum set point of +45°C/113°F on more compared with the normal +30°C/86°F

Major new investments  (08-03-2020)

TITAN order new ArcticStores, rental and Self Storage containers, as well as new lorries and cranes

SmartArctic for an even better Arctic experience (03-03-2020)

At home, at Work and even when on the go - 24/7 control and monitoring of ArcticStore refrigerated storage containers.

Transport af containere i hele landet

Transportering af alle containertyper

Med vores nyeste brand under TITAN Containers kan vi nu transportere containere til jeres ønskede adresse endnu hurtigere med vores egen transportservice.

Med helt nye lastbiler og kran kan vi transportere alle containertyper lige fra 6' til 45' samt highcube containere.

TITAN kan nu også tilbyde levering af DNV off shore containere i Danmark og på verdens plan.

Fra 6 fods til 40 fods tørlast, 10 og 20 fods åben (også kendt som hard top open top) og 10 & 20 fods køle- /frysecontainere.

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